I’m So Excited

November 4, 2013 will likely be a day I never forget.

What happened that day, you ask? It was one of those days when I was able to look into The Walker School’s future and see a dream morph into a plan.

The Walker School engaged in both a self-study and strategic plan process in preparation for our five year SAIS/SACS accreditation process in 2012-2013. The former focuses directly on improving student learning and contains goals related to teaching and learning. The latter is driven by the Board of Trustees and looks to address key strategic goals that will strengthen the school in support of the students, faculty and program. (Click here to read my March, 2013 letter about the self-study and strategic plan goals.)

One of the first steps in implementing the strategic planning goals was to hire an architect to craft an updated campus master plan. Director of Finance Christie Cook requested proposals from several architects before the school settled on Mike Mascheri of Chapman, Coyle, Chapman Architects. Mr. Mascheri has worked on a number of different master plan projects for Georgia schools, such as Trinity, Westminster, Woodward, Wesleyan, Darlington, and Savannah Country Day. (Click here to see the portfolio of independent school work in which Chapman Coyle Chapman has been engaged.) Mr. Mascheri began meeting with faculty and staff during the summer and fall to assess programming needs for the new facilities proposed in the strategic plan. Essentially, these programming meetings are designed to answer the question, “How will the next generation of facilities at The Walker School create a learning environment that will best serve 21st century students?”

Thus, with great anticipation, Christie Cook and I looked forward to seeing the fruits of Mr. Mascheri’s labor on Monday, November 4. Let me just say that we were not disappointed. Mr. Mascheri addressed the major facilities goals of the strategic plan, as well as potential land expansion, in an effort to create a campus footprint that is meaningful, memorable and long-lasting. The key focal points of the strategic plan – Middle & Upper School academic space, a fine arts facility, and land expansion for athletics – are the highlight of the new campus master plan. I look forward to being able to share the visual picture of the plan with the Walker community in 2014.

Now that the master plan is complete, what is the next step? First, the plan was presented to the Board of Trustees. Next, a consulting firm will conduct a study to assess how quickly and to what extent we can implement the master plan. The plan will likely be completed in phases, but the planning and preparation are the critical first steps toward the implementation of the strategic plan.

It is such an exciting time to be a part of The Walker School, Cobb County’s preeminent college preparatory independent school. Execution of our strategic plan will enhance the classroom and the hallway, the laboratory and the library, the art studio and the stage, the court and the playing field, thereby enabling our school to cultivate each student’s spirit of wanting to know to an even greater degree.

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About Jack Hall

Jack Hall is the Head of School at The Walker School in Marietta, Georgia. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Davidson College and holds a Master of Science in Athletic Administration from Georgia State University and a Master of Arts in Education Administration from Columbia University where he was also a Klingenstein Fellow at Columbia University.

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