The Right Choice

Sofia P., a new ninth grader at The Walker School, is one of our Upper School expert authors for our Discovering Walker Wonders blog. She writes about her first few days as a Walker Wolverine:

I absolutely love Walker so far! I knew I would have an unbelievable experience because when I came home after the first day of school, my jaw ached from smiling so much.

The people you meet are incredibly inclusive, almost like they were simply waiting at the door for you to arrive.

The schedules are very tricky, but I was able to figure it out after a few days due to helpful teachers! Also, the classes may seem intimidating but the teachers emphasize that they are always there for extra help, so I definitely feel comfortable about emailing and contacting my teachers about work or anything about the lesson.

One of my favorite parts about Walker is the free time and study hall you receive. I am used to a pile of homework as soon as I get home, but at Walker you can use study hall time or lunch time to get ahead on homework, which is very important to an athlete like me! I’m still a little nervous around some of the students that I don’t know, but as I scream that Walker cheer I know I made the right choice all along.


Walker is Wonderful

Madeline M. is a new seventh grader in the Middle School at The Walker School. She is a guest blogger and our Middle School expert author for our Discovering Walker Wonders blog. She writes about her first few days as a Walker Wolverine:

My first two days were full of excitement, intrigue, and friendship. I was most excited about exploring the campus, decorating my locker, and learning about after-school clubs. The classes on my schedule were intriguing. I feel I have a variety of classes from Early American History to Orchestra to Computer. The Walker School also gave me the opportunity to take placement tests in math and Spanish allowing me to continue my progress in two of my favorite subjects. Most importantly, I started friendships and relationships that I hope will last all year.

Walker was a different school environment for me. New student orientation, friendly teachers, and the new student bowling party made the transition easy.

At the end of my first day, I did not want to leave.

Walker is wonderful! I know I made the right decision to attend The Walker School for seventh grade.

Twin Perspectives

twinsAryan P. and Ayaan P. are new to Walker this year and are experiencing all of the fun and learning that our first grade has to offer! They are our youngest bloggers and are excited to start typing their blog posts soon!

Can you tell they are twins too!?


First Grader Aryan writes:

“I like my teacher. I had fun playing in the garden.”

First Grader Ayaan writes:

“My first day at Walker was fun. I loved playing with my friends.”